About the literature titles

alevelgerman.com literature resources have been designed to enable teachers to approach the teaching of a work of German literature knowing that a large amount of the mundane preparation has been done for them, leaving them time to concentrate on more creative issues.

The following is the list of titles that we are releasing between October and December 2013.

Read summary and see samples from the resources relating to the  books by clicking links below

Each title comprise the following resources:

  • A page by page vocabulary which can either be printed off or used on a smart phone or table
  • A detailed summary of the novel in straightforward German enabling the student to gain a quick overview of the novel for revision purpose.   The verbs are gapped with the infinitive given to put into the appropriate tense.
  • Detailed questions are set for each chapter (broken down into sections for longer chapters) to encourage an individualised response to the novel.
  • A character guide tool encourages the student to build up his/her own picture of the key characters.
  • The tensinator is designed to reinforce tense knowledge presenting the same verb in a range of contexts.
  • The A factor presents exercises covering a selection of key grammar points which contribute to producing an elegant range of language.
  • Direct and indirect speech involves the student matching what is said in direct speech to the appropriate situation, then presenting the statement with indirect speech (with subjunctive use)
  • The theme generator takes a number of quotations and requires students to match which themes they illustrate
  • The essay plan is designed to demonstrate to students how to plan an essay with a worked example
  • The sample essay gives a worked example based on the plan
  • Useful links is a compilation of web links which can be related to the author/playwright,  the work or the context in which it is set.