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Das Leben der anderen

Das Leben der anderen, Florian Henckel von Donnersmark, A level German

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This enthralling film captures the many layered atmosphere of a time when whoever you were it was uncertain whether you were subject to Stasi spying.   This was particularly the case for influential people in the public eye.

Wiesler, a committed and skilfull Stasi interrogator is requested to eavesdrop on a writer, Dreyman to establish whether he is committing treason against the state.   The situation is complicated by the fact that his partner, Christa, is the object of desire of a high ranking governement official.

Seeing the less than socialist ideals displayed by his superiors Wiesler begins to question his role with dramatic results.  

This fascinating, tense film takes place just before die Wende and thus gives a fascinating insight into before and after this time.